13 Responsive Shopify Bootstrap Themes 2023


With our best collection of Shopify Bootstrap themes, you guarantee a first-class shopping experience across all devices. In this day and age, mobile performance is crucial, and that’s when Bootstrap Framework comes into play.

More and more people browse the internet using their smartphones and tablets. Meaning they also complete their purchase directly from their mobile device. With the right Shopify theme, you need not worry about the flexibility and fluidity of your online store. The tool takes all the technicalities out of the box for your convenience.

This is just the beginning.

Along with following all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web, these Shopify Bootstrap themes also come with many features and functions. You get all the necessary front and internal page layouts and different apps and amenities that will do you well to keep things short.

Do you know what’s best?

You will never need to write a single code string when building your dream eCommerce website. Whether a professional or an amateur, you will easily get your project on your feet.

Get the ball rolling in a mere few clicks and witness a flawless realization of an online store that will present your brand and products online in the best possible light.

1. Split

split shopify bootstrap theme

Split is a Shopify Bootstrap theme that mixes your brand, story, and products, so they appear as impactful as possible. With is impressive design (three, to be precise), you can find the right look much simpler. The home page also comes with customizable content sections, so you can precisely tailor it to your liking. Regarding the technical aspects, you need not worry about any. Split is compatible with all popular devices, web browsers, retina screens, search engines, and loads fast.

Along with the different home styles, you also get two menu options. A few other features incorporate scrolling animations, promotional banner, testimonials, newsletter pop-up and sticky navigation that appears once you start scrolling back to top. Use Split’s uniqueness in your favor and move every visitor.

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2. Masonry

masonry shopify bootstrap theme

When searching for a Shopify Bootstrap theme with a masonry-specific design, hence the name, Masonry is the one. It is a stunning and striking web design that will put all your product on display for everyone to experience as they would be in an actual store. Also, you can employ Masonry to sell a broad range of products. You can create multiple niche stores even with the four styles alone. And once you introduce your creative touch, you raise Masonry’s potential through the roof.

Just like with any other Shopify theme that we have here, you can expect Masonry to come with loads of features. You are right! Quick buy, sidebar menu, infinite scrolling, slideshow, newsletter subscription widget and a full blog section are a few of the goodies that come part of Masonry.

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3. Empire

empire shopify bootstrap theme

Create your online empire, selling goods of all kinds with the powerful and impactful Empire. It is a sophisticated, professional, and easy-to-use Shopify Bootstrap theme that gets you started quickly. Let’s face it, all the work is already done for you. That said, you only need to perform the last refining touches and are ready to rock and roll your industry with something novel.

What’s unique about Empire is the Amazon-inspired look it sports. With that in mind, Empire works excellently for eCommerce websites with many products. You can utilize the three styles out of the box or step things up and tailor them to your precise needs. With or without experience, you will win the game of building a prominent online store with Empire either way.

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4. Boost

boost shopify bootstrap theme

Boost your brand’s online presence to some extreme heights with Boost. To truly take the shopping experience to the next level, the Shopify Bootstrap theme will do the trick. It is an impactful, jaw-dropping alternative with a unique design that separates your form from the masses.

Thanks to great customization functions, boost is versatile enough to work with various brands. First thing first, investigate the three available demos and see what’s possible. You can also peek at the actual stores using Boost if you need inspiration.

Custom color options, search engine optimization, sticky navigation, drop-down menu, promotional tiles, image hotspot linking, and live search results are all the other great conveniences of Boost. If you hunt for something different, you come to the right place.

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5. Yanka

yanka shopify bootstrap theme

Yanka helps you with a quick-start to a spectacular eCommerce website. Instead of establishing an online store from scratch, you better save time and energy with Yanka. It is a highly versatile and flexible Shopify Bootstrap theme that works with many projects and intentions. For your information, Yanka delivers eighteen different home designs alone. Along with that, it also includes many other inner layouts and tons of features.

Speaking of features, many premium ones come at no additional cost. For instance, you get mega menu, wishlist, product compare, quick view, GDP compliance, and Instagram shop, to name a few.

The performance of Yanka is also top-notch due to page load and mobile optimization. Additionally, your website will acclimate to all modern web browsers and retina screens.

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6. Barberry

barberry shopify bootstrap theme

In this day and age, little work is necessary to start making moves in the online space. Thanks to Shopify and all the themes that we have here for you, you can bring into being a nifty online store in little to no time. Also, no knowledge is necessary to successfully forge your dream eCommerce website. With Barberry, both will see epic outcomes whether you are an utter beginner or a professional.

To summarize, Barberry misses nothing, delivering all the must-have page layouts and functions that call for a superb end product. Sticky header, RTL support, lazy load, stock countdown, and age verification are some goodies that Barberry contains. It also follows all the latest web and tech trends to ensure your website operates flawlessly for years to come.

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7. Zeexo

zeexo shopify bootstrap theme

Zeexo is this massive Shopify Bootstrap theme that caters to any business intentions. With a collection of 108 site skins and many more to come, you will easily find the right look for your business idea. Keep in mind that Zeexo delivers a new design each week, so there will be tons more very soon.

In all these home page styles, you also get tons of other amazing features and functions in the company. Zeexo also comes with documentation and video tutorials for every first-timer that will help you experience a smooth start immediately. You need no experience and still make an online store that will move mountains.

Zeexo covers anything from fashion, jewelry, and glasses to cosmetics, accessories, furniture, and many more niches. It also accepts customization tweaks, so you can precisely alter it according to your liking.

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8. Blackery

blackery shopify bootstrap theme

Here is another gigantic Shopify theme that comes fully compatible with Bootstrap Framework. Meet Blackery. It is a tool with one hundred predefined home page designs for your convenience. You can start crafting any online shop you desire. You can sell everything with Blackery, from apparel, knives, and plants to food, lingerie, sushi, cakes, and sports nutrition, to name a few. In short, you have unlimited options with Blackery, especially once you introduce your creative touch to it.

Other specialties include eighteen headers, sixteen footers, eight product pages, infinite scrolling, and practical live search. Blackery also ensures total mobile compatibility, guaranteeing a seamless shopping experience on all devices. Unleash your creative spirit with Blackery and display your products and brand in the best possible light.

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9. Molla

molla shopify bootstrap theme

There is no need to be an expert at building an eCommerce website, as you only need the right tools to make it happen. To your luck, we have plenty of them here, offering you a quick start of any online store you desire. Molla is another excellent Shopify Bootstrap theme alternative that comes with many amenities. In the bundle, you will discover numerous ready-to-use demos that suit these different intentions. In other words, it does not matter what you would like to sell, you can do it with Molla effortlessly.

Moreover, Molla comes with all the necessary features and many more additional ones. Even if someone with meticulous taste, Molla will take care of you with comfort. The list of treats is vast, requiring us to create an entire chapter to cover them. Instead of ruining all the fun for you, go ahead and investigate Molla further yourself. Head over to the live preview page and see the magic happen.

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10. Kalles

kalles shopify bootstrap theme

Kalles offers a clean and minimal design for hammering out an awe-inspiring eCommerce page. Instead of one, you get a collection of twenty home pages and multiple other inner layouts to mix and match. Kalles also comes with eight headers, ten single product styles, lookbook and blog. If you are after elegance and trendiness, that’s when Kalles comes into play.

The spectacular bundle of awesomeness contains everything for starting an online store that will turn heads. Even when it comes to the types of products you would like to sell, with Kalles, you can pretty much push anything and everything. Other greatness of Kalles includes quick product view, quick shop pop-up, instant search and 360-degree product view. Get your start on the right foot and make an immediate difference.

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11. Trendway

trendway shopify bootstrap theme

Get the hype going strong with Trendway, a Shopify Bootstrap theme. It is an ideal alternative for anything fashion and apparel-related. Still, if you would like to utilize the tool for something else, by all means, go for it. Let’s face it, there is no need to follow the rules all the time, feel free to go against the grain. Trendway’s flexibility handles all this and that for your convenience.

To kick things off in style, you first get to choose between six custom-made demos. What’s more, Trendway also misses no other elements of a successfully operating online store. From different header styles and newsletter pop-up to product tabs, Ajax shopping cart and reviews, these are just some of the features that Trendway sports. You can also start a blog and introduce content marketing to grow your fashion business to new heights.

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12. Woodstock

woodstock shopify bootstrap theme

Woodstock is the way to go if you are particularly searching for a fast-loading Shopify Bootstrap theme. Of course, you will be fully satisfied with other tools, too, as they guarantee superb performance. Still, Woodstock goes the extra mile. It is also highly flexible, thanks to the various predefined samples that Woodstock has in store for you. With the one that resonates with your project best, you can start as is or improve it according to your branding directions.

Since mentioning flexibility, Woodstock also reshapes to all the modern devices instantaneously. As for the features, all the basic ones are included, and a collection of premium ones is worth $4500 yearly. By the way, Woodstock only costs $59 (one-time fee). You do the calculation.

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13. Veggie

veggie shopify bootstrap theme

Organic and food stores and everyone with an idea of starting one, do yourself a favor and pick Veggie. This Shopify Bootstrap theme is a great alternative that includes five home pages to find the right look for your business idea. In addition to that, Veggie also gives you a chance to brand and edit it. You do not need to follow the default appearance exactly as it comes out of the box. By the way, you can also expect new samples to drop with upcoming updates.

In the Veggie kit, you will find all the necessary shop pages to mix and match. Blog section, sticky menu, unlimited sidebars, RTL support, product rollover, and newsletter pop-up are all the varying features that Veggie has at your disposal.

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