15 Best Examples of Actor Websites 2023


Here are the best designed websites for actors and other performers.

Building a website is an essential centerpiece of digital marketing. Indeed, it’s a powerful tool to promote one’s business, profession, or career persuasively. If you’re a performing artist looking for the finest actor website design to embrace the real essence of web presence, then this collection is for you!

As the demand for movies and television shows soar, actors and actresses should dominate the competition. Surveys reveal that the employment of actors is projected to rise by 12% from 2022 to 2026. It’s faster than other average occupations. With that fact in mind, aspiring actors and actresses must consider digital marketing tools while pursuing a career in show business. One of the most impressive tools is an online presence. Having a professional website can complement your digital marketing campaign. While you can hire a web designer to develop, acquiring premium and finest themes and templates is a great choice! Whichever you prefer, you can always look at an actor’s website design for inspiration. Today, we’ve handpicked a great list of websites that performing artists can delve into for awesome inspiration.

You can find various website styles to promote your acting careers in this set. So, whether you’re an experienced or novice actor and actress planning to craft a website, you shouldn’t dare miss such inspiration. Check them out and grab the best features you’d love to replicate in your projects.

Best Actor Website Design Examples

1. Patrick Gorman

Patrick Gorman

A strong web presence is indeed crucial for career advancement. If you’re working with an actor website, you shouldn’t skip Patrick Gorman’s actor website design. It’s one of this list’s most creative, innovative, and interesting inspirations. Features and cool web elements are all over the homepage. These features are exceptional, from a sleek slider on the hero scene, parallax effect of success indicator section, to interesting video clips. That’s not all, the photo galleries have much to say of their credibility as renowned artists in films, theatre, television, movies, and other media. Such presentation looks superb as it uses the grid layout with simple hover effects. Check out how awesome this inspiration is for unlocking career opportunities.


2. Russel Brand

Russel Brand

Unlock opportunities for your career as an actor as you spread awareness of your capabilities through a website. Russel Brand has a stunning actor website design perfect for inspiration. He’s an English comedian, actor, radio host, and activist. His website has a simple homepage design but can do much to career advancement. Notably,  the web elements are monochrome, so they look elegant and sophisticated. While the hero header welcomes the audience with the actor’s photo and descriptive call-to-action, the newly added podcasts also appears seamless with the awesome hover effect. That’s not all, the huge square boxes that represent a menu also offers quick access to podcasts, writing and recovery pages.


3. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

The actor’s website is valuable for every artist, not just to showcase personalities or performances but to let fans know what they’re up to. Jesse Tyler Ferguson is an American actor known for portraying Mitchell Pritchett on his sitcom Modern Family. His website welcomes a visitor with an elementary homepage—a fullwidth photo of himself with a signup button, social media icons, and the menu. The “What’s Happening” page collects his latest shows in theatres, upcoming movies, press, and other events. Moreover, he also shared his love for food with his wife and crafted a wonderful food blog along with the “Tie the Knot” website.


4. Christina Helena

Christina Helena

Don’t miss these actor websites for awesome design inspiration. Christina Helena is a speaker, writer, and actress. Her website is built with stunning elements such as video integration, sticky header, social icons, Instagram feed, etc. Since she has a lot to share with her audience with her deep experiences in life, the speaker page is a great place to find her talks and book effortlessly. Small and simple logos on this page represent her major sponsors. Like other actor websites, the hero header reveals the big, high-quality photo and a professional name in a prominent place. It also uses a cool animation upon scrolling on other site pages.


5. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Actors must do promotional events and media tours on their websites. This way, avid fans can easily track the events they need to see. Here’s another awesome actor website design that will inspire you to make yours even more creative. Ariana Grande utilizes ample photos to display her recent projects. Almost all sections are displayed using large photographs with bold typography.

Furthermore, most of the elements on the homepage are her music videos, where she shines most. The social network icons are visible on the header, so it’s easier for a fan to connect with the actress/singer. For the shop page, all her albums can be purchased without hassle.


6. John Travolta

John Travolta

John Travolta is one of the American actors, singers, and dancers who rose to fame in the 1970s. His simple website but full of amazing content, is truly a great and effective marketing tool. The homepage has a simple design with few sections visible to display the most important ones. Specifically, the split-screen layout on the hero scene is ready to welcome every website visitor – it was a good combination of the actor’s photo, name, and signature. Just below that section is the newsletter subscription, which is pretty clear and visible. Furthermore, the latest news about the author is arrayed in masonry layout, too, with a brief description of the thumbnails upon hovering. The footer section is a simple introduction of the author and his black and white photo.


7. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling is an American comedienne, actress, and writer. She was one of Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” in 2013. Aside from her acting career, she was also an executive producer and director. Her fantastic website is part of her marketing strategy to exhibit her latest journey. The website’s homepage is a simple representation of her personality. It welcomes the audience with a photo of herself and a brief description of her popular book. As it is visible, each section has a photo of her with CTAs and short reports. It also exhibits upcoming events where avid fans can quickly get tickets online. Also, the Twitter feed is integrated into the website.


8. Madonna


Madonna is an American singer, songwriter, and actress who garners “Queen of Pop.” Although she is famous for her spectacular music performance, she has also played various films and advanced her career. Her website has a simple design but has much to say about her latest tours and concerts. On the hero header is the photo of the actress with places where she’ll be for tours. The photo is linked to the tours page so fans can easily book tickets for certain events they prefer. The header also comes with social network icons, so it’s easier for the audience to connect with this star. Furthermore, other website pages are also accessible such as the fan events, community, store, and more.


9. Leah Remini

Leah Remini

Find the right roles and opportunities for your acting career as you build a website to showcase what you can do. Here’s another actor website design you can look into as inspiration for your upcoming projects. Leah Remini is an American actress, author, and former Scientologist. Her website has a super simple homepage design. You can only see her photo in fullscreen mode with social media icons on the center, her name on the left, and a menu on the right. Specifically, the bio, book, filmography, charities, fans, and other pages are well designed. Her acting performances are reviewed with the filmography page with thumbnails and little descriptions.


10. Sarah Baskin

Sarah Baskin

Take advantage of every opportunity a good website offers you and your career. Check out this list of actor website designs to help you achieve your goal. Sarah Baskin is a New York based actor with an affinity for developing new work and the collaborative process of making things. As glamorous as her talent, her website is built to showcase her personality and performance in the acting industry. The homepage design is pretty much simple. A retro-style image of Sarah welcomes visitors and the menu that links to other site pages. The gallery page exhibits her photos that can be scrolled through a slider. Furthermore, the media page features her reel or movie clips. Check them out and see which ones you’d love to apply to your website.


11. Ben Whitehair

Ben Whitehair

When you build your website, you must acquire numerous inspirations to look into before you finalize your own. This way, you won’t merely make for a web presence but a website that can unlock greater opportunities for your career. Ben Whitehair’s website is built with comprehensive web elements. His website has a lot to say from reels, social media links, downloadable resumes, previous movie, acting performances, and other relevant information. The hero scene has a grandeur video background with parallax effect and social media icons. Adding such elements on the header makes it easier for an audience to connect with his social media accounts. For the latest news about Ben, his website presents it neatly with accordion while a clean and properly labeled contact form is also integrated.


12. Megan Greener

Megan Greener

With the birth of digital marketing, advancing careers is quite easy. A great website that reveals your awesome personality makes drawing more opportunities possible. Here’s a list of actor website designs that will kindle your interest in building an online portfolio. Megan Greener is a New York based actor who has been working in theatre, film, and web media. The homepage presents different photos of the actor displayed through the masonry layout and social media links that can help build virtual networks and the simple menu. The resume, photos, videos, press, podcasting, and other pages are accessible. The photo and video pages have a similar clean layout too.


13. Yasmine Al-Bustami

Yasmine Albustami

Yasmine Al-Bustami is an Emirati-American actress popular for her “The Originals” television series. One can find her portfolio, biography, gallery, and resume on her website. It’s a one-page actor website design worth checking for inspiration. The hero header has a nice shot of the actress with her name. Below that section is her social media links so the audience can easily connect with her on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and IMDB. Since an actor must showcase reels, her website never impresses viewers with her video compilation. That’s not all. The gallery also looks stunning as they’re displayed on a masonry grid layout along with cool slider.


14. Actors Centre Australia

Actors Centre Australia

With the numerous actors and actresses in the industry, it would be wise to have a website to showcase your personality. These actor website designs will benefit if you’re a talent agency that wishes to build an online presence. Actors Centre Australia is a world-class destination for innovative education and inspiration. Its mission is to revitalize the soul of society through the power of the performing arts. It has an excellent website design that looks interesting and elegant. Ample features are visible on the homepage that helps make the website not just visually appealing but functional as well. In particular, the call-to-action buttons are apparent in various sections thus, they are ready to prompt users to connect with the brand.


15. Baumbauer Actors

Baumbauer Actors

While having a website is a top choice for career improvements, being featured in talent agencies is still substantial. This actor website design is impressive if you’re a talent agency searching for inspiration. Baumbauer Actors represents and manages international artists of exceptional talent. Particularly, this website goes beyond the typical website designs. It utilizes a nice split-screen layout – the brand name on the left and the actors and directors on the right. Specifically, the right portion of the screen is scrollable, with photos of the actors and directors presented in the table layout. Each actor has a simple but comprehensive page with all the important details.


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