20 Best Church Websites (Examples) 2023


Do you want to see the best church websites because you’re in the process of creating a religious page?

We curated a list of the twenty best after studying 100+ to guarantee the most outstanding design for your viewing pleasure.

Some are cleaner than others, some include videos, some sliders, some have embedded videos and sermons and many have online donations that help them raise funds. (We recommend adding a “donation” button to your websites, too.)

You can choose between two options if you’re just starting; either pick a church website builder or a church WordPress theme.

While the former is easier and faster, the latter offers unlimited options and possibilities to create your desired site.

Let’s go!

Best Church Websites To Inspire You

1. Second Baptist Church

Built with: Pro Theme

second baptist church website

Second Baptist Church stands out with its full-screen video background that captures everyone’s attention. On top of that, the video also has a parallax effect that increases engagement.

The header is transparent and the call-to-action (CTA) buttons are outlined for a cleaner look.

Besides the main navigation, Second Baptist Church also has a hamburger menu that slides from the right with drop-down functionality.

Note: Add a promotional video above the fold to trigger curiosity and keep your visitors on your page longer.

2. Elevation Church

Built with: Elementor

elevation church website

Elevation Church has a modern, mobile-like look with a minimalist design, making the content pop more.

The header is clean with essential menu links, a language switcher and a hamburger icon for a more refined search.

What increases interactivity is the hero image that starts playing a video once you hover over it.

Note: Do you have a lot of global followers? Then translate your website and offer them to personalize their experience by picking their language.

You should also not miss checking our ultimate collection of the best Elementor websites.

3. Freedom Church

Built with: Wix

freedom church website

Instead of one, Freedom Church takes things to the next level with multiple videos on the home page.

Moreover, the internal pages’ sections go from dark to light to make a more dynamic experience, ending with a multi-column footer featuring an embedded sermon.

Note: Let visitors listen to your sermons by embedding an audio player (even creating a playlist).

You can also peek at some of the best websites built on the Wix platform.

4. Crossroads Church

Built with: Next.js

crossroads church website

Crossroads Church has a content-rich front page with a top bar notification and a floating header. The latter ensures all the menu links, search and access to the account are always only a click away.

An embedded video, a grid layout for shows, series and podcasts and a practical footer with lots of quick links make Crossroads Church a handy online presence for worshippers.

Note: Create a sticky header to improve your church website’s user experience – no more scrolling back to the top!

5. One Church

Built with: Squarespace

one church website

One Church has a full-screen above-the-fold section with a two-word message, transparent navigation and a scroll-down button.

This responsive web design is simple and creative, with lots of white space and a parallax effect. The footer takes a significant part of the website with a newsletter subscription form, location details and social media icons.

Note: Make your Squarespace website more engaging with parallax sections.

6. Calvary

Built with: Enfold Theme

calvary church website

Calvary has a massive hero section with a title and three CTA buttons. But you can also access the sticky drop-down navigation if you search for something more specific or type your query in the search bar.

This church website also has a back-to-top button and a footer with additional CTAs, including app download buttons and business details.

Note: A back-to-top button is a practical addition to any website that lets visitors avoid scrolling back to the top.

But you may also be interested in other great examples of websites using the Enfold theme.

7. LCBC Church

Built with: Craft CMS

lcbc church website

LCBC Church is another excellent example of a church website with a hero video that makes it more captivating.

The sections are large and clean, so the content is easy to skim through and read on mobile and desktop.

Furthermore, the semi-transparent basic floating navigation bar is always available, but LCBC Church has all its menu links in the footer section.

Note: Use larger text and white space to improve your site’s readability.

8. Grace

Built with: Squarespace

grace church website

Grace has a top bar notification you can close by pressing “x” if it disturbs you. The header is transparent, so the parallax image with text and a CTA button shines more.

The CTA buttons come with a hover effect for interactivity (to make them more clickable).

Interestingly, the search bar opens on a new page but works so well because of the live results/recommendations it displays.

Note: A search bar with live results and recommendations improves user experience with quicker finds.

9. Mosaic

Built with: Squarespace

mosaic church website

Mosaic mixes minimalism and creativity in one beautiful church website that you can learn from. The use of white space and the site’s pleasing color palette calls for an enjoyable experience when viewing the content.

Mosaic displays multiple CTA buttons in the navigation bar with contrasting colors, so they grab the attention. Meanwhile, the footer consists of social media icons and additional contact details.

Note: Give your call-to-action buttons more exposure by inserting them into the header.

10. Knox Toronto

Built with: Squarespace

knox toronto church website

Check Knox Toronto if you would like to collect donations via your website.

This church website uses a “Give” button in the header, linking to a donation form on a new page. The form gives the user complete freedom regarding how much they want to donate, with two additional drop-downs for the location and frequency.

What’s also cool is that the Give page is very transparent with where the donations go and offers other ways of contributions besides online.

Note: Including an online donation form on your church website can help you gain more funds.

Built with: Squarespace

centralia community church website

While Centralia Community Church uses a pretty large header, it disappears when you start scrolling but reappears when you return to the top for a more distraction-free experience.

This church website uses a mixture of lighter and darker tones for dynamic vibes and has an embedded video to keep visitors on the page longer.

Note: Instead of using a standard header, you can use such that disappears/reappears depending on the scrolling movement.

12. Apostolic Church

Built with: Squarespace

apostolic church website

Apostolic Church’s hero image turns into a video that triggers your curiosity as soon as the website loads. Yup, the first few seconds matter the most and define whether you’ll keep or lose a visitor.

The rest of the page has a more basic look, bringing forth all their CTAs, content, images, and more.

One interesting feature is the header which reappears only when you get to the bottom of the page.

Note: It’s always better to aim for a minimalist design rather than stuffing it with (too many) animations and effects.

13. HTB Church

Built with: Squarespace

htb church website

HTB Church is a website with a vibrant design that sparks interest, making you want to learn more.

While it isn’t equipped with a search bar, it has a drop-down menu to get to the desired information with a click.

Moreover, the footer’s background is black, kind of unexpected, but that’s the whole point.

Note: Don’t be afraid to make a bolder footer with a contrasting background color, like black. It’ll make links, CTAs, forms and other elements more front and center.

14. Sonship Bay Ridge

Built with: Maranatha Theme

sonship bay ridge church website

Sonship Bay Ridge has massive sections to promote their sermons, Bible studies, prayer meetings, etc. While all use an image background, the one above the fold has a smooth video that gives enough engagement to keep the visitor focused.

What’s also helpful is the integrated map with location, contact details and directions (with a link to Google Maps).

Note: Showcase your church’s location with a map (we recommend integrating Google Maps).

15. North Coast Church

Built with: WPBakery

north coast church website

North Coast Church uses its hero section to let you watch its latest sermon. But they also have two CTAs to subscribe to YouTube or their app for direct access.

It’s a church website with an elegant design, using a top bar and a header but only the latter sticks. Additionally, there’s a back-to-top button to avoid scrolling altogether.

What’s more, the footer has multiple CTA buttons, contact details and social buttons to connect with them via your favorite platform.

Note: Embed an entire sermon video above the fold so everyone can watch it immediately without needing to search for it (and improve UX).

Need more ideas? Then check these epic WPBakery website examples.

16. Pathway Church

Built with: Squarespace

pathway church website

Pathway Church is a clean website, delivering an outstanding performance and atmosphere to enjoy its content more.

While it has many effective sections and elements, the key feature of this church website is the floating chat widget in the bottom right corner.

Also, their media section/portfolio has multiple tags and a search bar to find the right video, speaker, etc., faster.

Note: Improve customer service with a (live) chat box and offer quicker answers.

17. Heritage Church

Built with: Squarespace

heritage church website

Heritage Church’s beautiful, modern layout makes scrolling and peeking at its content much more likable. The top bar notification has a contrasting background color to trigger your interest (but you can also close it).

You’ll also find a simple, transparent floating menu, a sticky Facebook Messenger icon, a carousel for upcoming events and a lightbox gallery that’s a collection of their Instagram posts.

Note: Add more content to your website by integrating an IG feed. Plus, using the lightbox functionality to check larger images and videos allows viewing without leaving the current page.

18. Declaration Church

Built with: Squarespace

declaration church website

Declaration Church uses a simple popup window in the bottom right corner to collect emails to grow its loyal community of followers through must-read newsletters.

The layout is heavy on visuals with a cool text animation for extra engagement. It’s also great to see clickable email and telephone number in the footer to get in touch more effortlessly.

And the CTA buttons are all outlined but become solid on hover to draw attention, which is worth testing yourself.

Note: Build your email list by inserting a newsletter subscription form popup.

19. Everyday

Built with: Squarespace

everyday church website

Everyday is a minimalist website with one of the more delightful layouts we’ve encountered.

Its uncomplicated appearance is simple and quick to flip through, thanks to its black and white design.

What’s worth introducing to your website is the monthly event calendar, so potential attendees know precisely when the next awakening service is or at what time is the Thursday class.

Note: Create a monthly calendar/schedule with all your sermons, prayers, events, etc.

20. New Life Oxnard

Built with: Squarespace

new life oxnard church website

Even though New Life Oxnard is a church website with a clean design with plenty of white space, its visuals and large typography create a strong impression on the visitor.

The header and footer are minimalist, with the necessary links and social icons to keep up with the neat flow.

Plus, New Life Oxnard also uses a Facebook Messenger button to reach out directly.

Note: Increasing font size can work well on a website with plenty of white space.

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