21 Best Free Personal Website Builder Solutions 2023


You can start your project quickly and reliably with a free personal website builder.

How awesome is that? These fantastic page builders allow you to shine online without technical background, meaning, coding, and design talent. You do not need to be knowledgeable about it and still achieve professional results. It is only a matter of you taking action.

The tools are there, ready for you to utilize.

Instead of asking a friend to help you or even hiring someone to do it for you, now you can accomplish the same expert result by yourself. For the most part, the software employs drag-and-drop technology, which requires nothing but your mouse or trackpad. Keeping things simple and uncomplicated will surely take you far.

Moreover, regardless of your niche and what you excel at, you can set up the right online presence for your brand with the free personal website builder of choice. The process is super straightforward for everyone to follow hassle-free. There are also pre-designed templates and loads of features and assets you can choose from to truly craft the desired web space. Add your distinct touch and stand out a mile.

Best Free Website Builders For Personal Websites

1. Wix

wix free personal website builder

Wix is also a free personal website builder with the power to make any website easily. To push your brand, create an online portfolio, a resume or just whatever your plan is, Wix is here to make it happen. You can do your website quickly after choosing your ideal template. Wix has many templates, so you will surely find the one that best resonates with you. On top of that, whichever you pick, you can effortlessly improve it and tailor it to your needs precisely.

Wix has something for complete beginners, intermediate users, and those who like to code. As for the former, Wix comes with the ADI feature, which stands for artificial design intelligence. With this method, you can get online almost instantly, but Wix Editor is the way for you if you need more action. The beginner and the intermediate methods do not require any coding or design skills.

Price: Free for small websites

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2. Weebly

Weebly - Best Website Builder

The powerful Weebly is software that suits any user. Whether building a large website or something small and personal for yourself, Weebly can do it all. Besides, when you begin working with Weebly, it does not ask you to go behind the screens and do any coding to develop the page you like. You need not be technical and still achieve professional levels with Weebly. A combination of ready-to-use demos and drag and drop builder unlock unlimited possibilities for you.

Create an enticing web space that will hook everyone who visits it. Moreover, Weebly websites support video background, parallax effect, and custom fonts and come with an exclusive image editor and integrated analytics. Of course, all your creations will be mobile-ready, responsive, and cross-browser compatible. You are now in full control of your page, thanks to Weebly.

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3. Webflow

webflow free personal website builder

Webflow gives you all the design rights, build and launch your page, even if it is your first time getting yourself into anything similar. You can do it all visually and never really need to do any coding, which intimidates those who even think about website development. Well, in our modern era, there is no need to be a programmer or a designer to create a striking website that will drive your business. You can do it regardless of your tech skills – you just do it! With Webflow, you become this visual coder, if you will, which sounds super cool.

Add different animations and special effects, like parallax and hover effects, to spice up the experience and make it appear like you invested a ton of time and effort. By utilizing Webflow, you will notice how quickly you can set things up for yourself and go live. It happens in a breeze. Build a custom personal website with Webflow and get your name out there.

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4. Strikingly

strikingly free personal website builder

Like the one on the print-screen above, Strikingly provides all the resources for building sites in minutes. No matter how unrealistic that may sound to you, the reality goes by the name of Strikingly. This user-friendly free personal website builder is amazing and fully flexible to work with your idea like a dream. No need to be looking elsewhere anymore to find all the tools you require for a sophisticated website; with Strikingly, you have it all in one place. Just make sure you utilize it to its full potential.

No wonder why they call it Strikingly!

Get things moving your way with Strikingly. Start right now and have your page up in no time. And when you think an upgrade is necessary, Strikingly comes with different plans that will work out for all your ideas and needs.

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5. Ucraft

ucraft - responsive website builder

Crafting and making stuff on your own is a thing of the now when you gain access to a free personal website builder. Bringing into an online presence as a freelancer or even a job seeker happens shortly after creating an account. With Ucraft, you will see how much is possible, and successfully running your page is one of the things. While Ucraft’s free plan offers you to craft a landing page, you can still employ quite a few of the elements and features it unlocks for you. That’s up to 50 elements, SSL certificate, SEO app, and Google Analytics. You can also connect your Ucraft page with your custom domain name and add or change colors.

You need to have no skills to use Ucraft’s drag-and-drop builder. Anyone can use it! This only shows you how simple the software and the Ucraft technology is. Do not lose any more time, and start forging a page that best represents you.

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6. Mozello

mozello free personal website builder

Mozello is a free website builder for making sites of all calibers. And if you need a personal page, that is something you can do with Mozello on a breeze. Yes, you! As weird and strange as building a website all on your sounds, it is not at all challenging. In fact, with Mozello and the other site editors you find in this collection, you will have a blast crafting your dream page. Coding and any other advanced work are not part of the process. You can start increasing your potential quickly and have a site up and running in no time with Mozello.

One main characteristic of Mozello and all the alternatives is that building and running a website is worry-free without a hitch. You cannot make a mess and will not even run into any trouble, destroying your page. Besides, professional support is always available to you, ready to help you with any questions.

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7. Jimdo

jimdo free personal website builder

When you take it easy and approach all your work with simplicity in mind, you can reach goals much quicker. First and foremost, avoid complicating things, which is what Jimdo free personal website builder is very good at. Building a page is very straightforward and easy to complete swiftly. You pick up the design that suits you best, upload your content, edit text, and you can already be at the phase of hitting the launch button. Start moving in the right direction instantly and take Jimdo to your advantage.

There are also two additional products Jimdo comes with. One is called Dolphin, and the other Creator. The former is a personal artificial intelligence web designer who helps you make your ideal page in three minutes. Whereas, Creator is the tool that lets you do the fun and exciting work without limiting you in any way. You become the creator.

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8. Webnode

webnode free personal website builder

Sometimes, free software is not one to count on, but that is not the case for our best free personal website builders. You can count on all that you find in this collection. Webnode is another remarkable product for establishing websites at no cost. While the “no cost” part is already quite persuasive, Webnode has many more features that will hook you immediately. First, Webnode is beginner-friendly as it does not require any technical knowledge from you. Even in the design, you do not need to be an expert, but the outcome will still wow all your visitors.

Another mind-blowing information is that completing a personal page with Webnode takes just five minutes. To have a fully functional and active page up and running that fast is hard to process. But that is the reality that Webnode brings to the table. Webnode makes pages responsive and search-engine-ready, too.

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9. Weblium

weblium free personal website builder

You can now set up a personal website with Weblium for free. Start with this sophisticated and powerful builder immediately, and you can see a result live and ready to attract new visitors within minutes. With a collection of two hundred and counting ready-to-use templates, you will surely find the best design that suits your style. Moreover, Weblium also includes AI and drag and drop page building, so you only need to undergo some easy work before launching your beautiful personal page.

Still, other features include a mobile-friendly layout, Google Analytics integration, SSL certificate, unlimited storage, and custom forms. In short, you have nothing to lose yet a lot to gain. Instead of wandering around, not knowing which software to choose, go with Weblium and enjoy the outcome.

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10. Carrd

carrd free personal website builder

If you are exclusively looking to build a one-page personal website, you better not miss taking a peek at Carrd. The tool is super simple to use, free and ensures an outcome that will amaze and impress everyone. Also, your creation will follow all the latest trends and regulations of the modern web, ensuring the performance is of the highest degree.

You can kick things off by choosing any ready-made templates or even picking a blank one. With awesome customization functions, you can then style the right design to fit your style accordingly. That is pretty much all that you need to know. Expect the end product to be very appealing to the eye.

Optionally, you can also step things up and upgrade to a pro plan if you want to unlock even more features and functions.

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11. IM Creator

im creator free personal website builder

You become the creator yourself with IM Creator free personal website builder. The tool makes it super simple for all its users to get a chance to craft their pages without needing any background in coding and design.

No matter what you want to build a site and your long-term plans, IM Creator is here to turn it into a reality. Turn on your creative spirit full tilt and create the website you want to run that best resonates with you. You will execute it; IM Creator is just the remarkable product that will help you out.

The outcome you are about to bring into being with IM Creator will be an impressive page that will entice all your visitors. All sites that IM Creator powers are mobile-ready and flexible. They also follow all web and tech standards and give you complete control over search engine optimization.

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12. Tilda

tilda free personal website builder

Tilda is sophisticated in every sense of the word. It is simple to use, yet offers many features you can employ this very moment. Tilda features a whopping 450 ready-to-use blocks and counting. It also has a feature to create custom block when needed, using Zero Block. With that in mind, you have much freedom when employing the remarkable Tilda. Of course, the free plan is limited, and the fun begins when you upgrade, but only when necessary. Create your website without spending a dime and see what the online world brings.

With your artistic mind and all the assets Tilda has available, plus the pre-made templates, your outcome will be visually appealing and eye-catching. Tilda focuses on typography and content first and foremost, after all. Make it special and hammer out a killer personal page without the need to study how to code.

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13. Elementor

elementor free personal website builder

If you already picked your content management system (CMS) and it happens to be WordPress, you need to get your hands on Elementor. It is a visual page builder that fuses any available theme on the market. Elementor is a versatile, flexible, and highly adaptive technology that brings many advantages to all its users. You pick the elements, drag and drop them, upload your content and play around with all the other features Elementor has in store for you. It becomes a ton of fun doing the editing and design stuff, and coming up with the distinct style for personal page.

Call it whatever you want, but in this situation, we will call Elementor the best personal website builder, especially if you are a WordPress user! All Elementor pages are responsive to work smoothly on any device, from handheld to desktop. It comes with many pre-made templates you can use right away and mix and match with different content elements and your custom skin color.

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14. 8b

8b free personal website builder

Regardless of your intention, creating a personal website is kids’ stuff when using 8b. Not only is it a dedicated free personal website builder, but it also offers a multitude of options and features. To top it all off, you will not need to perform any coding to realize your ideal online presence. 8b is intended for everyone with no prior experience and zero web development skills. If you are a freelancer, a creative individual, or you would like to boost your potential as a job seeker, hammer out a website that will take everyone’s breath away.

We need to point out a super cool function of 8b is that you can build websites on your smartphone or tablet device. Can you even imagine? In other words, yes, making moves on the internet is effortless with 8b.

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15. Webs

webs free personal website builder

Webs is another killer free personal website builder for everyone interested in creating their own web space. Out of the box, Webs gives you an option to choose what type of website you would like to create for an even quicker web establishment process. Of course, you would want to go with the personal one, but there are three other alternatives you can consider.

With Webs, you build pages visually and do it all by yourself. With Webs, you can take its drag-and-drop interface to your full advantage and avoid paying a hefty fee to hire a designer and a coder. Also, each of your creations will indeed be search-engine-optimized, mobile-friendly, and in-tune with web browsers. Just pick a template, add your signature style, and you are ready for a change.

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16. Bookmark

bookmark free personal website builder

Create your own space on the internet with the always inspiring Bookmark free personal website template. Of course, you can use this tool for whatever your heart desires. You should know that you must not let your imagination limit you. When the features and the flexibility are at your reach, you should go all in and set up the page you would like for yourself. With Bookmark, you can skyrocket personal brand through the roof. If that is your number one thing on your to-do list, make sure you go after it like mad.

While you already got the gist of it, it is worth mentioning repeatedly that programming and design talent is not required. And this applies to all page builders we have compiled for you in this list. Bookmark also has this amazing asset called AiDA, an artificial intelligence design assistant. With AiDA, you are just a few steps away from having your page fully sorted out.

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17. WebsiteBuilder

websitebuilder free personal website builder

How WebsiteBuilder works is straightforward to understand. Knowing that you can be a complete beginner and still get a chance to develop a pro-level website utilizing WebsiteBuilder tells you more than enough. It is an incredibly easy-to-use software with which you can design and establish a personal website way simpler than you think. WebsiteBuilder’s free plan includes the fantastic drag-and-drop builder who asks for nothing else but for you to use your mouse to drag and drop elements in the precise order you would like. Furthermore, the tool includes free hosting and stunning and fully modifiable ready-made templates. You can also alter and tweak said templates to your needs and regulations.

What’s also important to be aware that WebsiteBuilder grows with you. Meaning, once personal page starts growing larger and larger, even if it is out of the blue, you can always upgrade WebsiteBuilder to a greater plan. In other words, you will always feel safe and secure that your page operates with stability.

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18. Mobirise

mobirise free personal website builder

The majority of free personal website builders you come across are in-browser software. You can craft your entire online presence without the need to leave your favorite browser. Yes, even the builder is online, offering you the ability to become a website developer. However, Mobirise is different. It is an app compatible with both Windows and Mac users alike. You download it to your computer and use it offline. You do not need to be an expert, as the drag-and-drop editor does the trick in avoiding coding altogether.

Mobirise pages are also naturally mobile-ready and easy to manage and maintain. You kick it off by picking a theme first and then editing it however you fancy. Drag and drop the blocks, change texts and colors, set block parameters, and go live once you feel like. From downloading Mobirise to when you are fully ready to go live will take very little time.

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19. SITE123

site123 free personal website builder

SITE123 is a quick and free personal website builder that unlocks many possibilities. It is easy and rich with terrific features that boost your workflow and get you moving forward quickly. For everyone, the most important trait of SITE123 is the convenient page editor. Your platform is just three easy steps away. You select your website type, edit the design, and upload your content, and you will already be live with the third step. Making your web design with SITE123 is just as easy as it sounds. And that is exactly how it should be – no complications.

SITE123 guarantees a victorious start of your refreshing web presence with all the amazingness in mind. SITE123’s loyal customer support is always there for everyone who needs additional assistance. Make it stand out a mile and spark their curiosity.

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20. Readymag

readymag free personal website builder

Readymag is a software for websites, online magazines, web portfolios and various other presentations and even photo stories. It is a free personal website builder with which you appear professional from the start. That is correct! No need to feel left behind, even if you lack technical knowledge. There is no need to have any tech skills when you become part of Readymag. Hence its name, Readymag has you covered 24/7, ready to start something new at any given time.

You need to forget about the code and you need to forget about the design. You might start wondering, “But how am I going to make my site stunning and performing at the highest level?” Simple, by using software such as Readymag and all the similar page building tools you find above. You can start with a blank page or speed things up with a ready-to-use template, which has the entire web design ready for you. Make improvements, adjust it to your style and hop on board hastily.

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Which free personal website builder to go with?

Start from the top if you haven’t decided which solution to use. But it would help if you understood that all the site editors you find in this collection are first class, making sure to deliver the best experience in a beginner-friendly way. There is no need to look elsewhere to find that ideal software that will do the trick for you, your personal website, and your outstanding online appearance. What matters more is to take action; the outcome will be surprisingly remarkable each time. Get up and go online now!

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