6 Best WordPress Hosting for Agencies 2023


Do you need the best WordPress hosting for agencies?

WordPress has emerged as a go-to platform for building scalable and highly customizable websites.

As agencies juggle multiple client projects, the importance of specialized WordPress hosting becomes increasingly evident.

Thus, instead of hosting a single website, the host must handle multiple websites for the agency’s clients with ease.

Unlike standard hosting services, hosting solutions designed for agencies prioritize scalability, speed, and security, ensuring that the online facets of various campaigns (read: client sites) run without a hitch.

Moreover, these specialized hosting options often offer value-added features like staging environments, automated backups, and 24/7 customer support. These critical elements allow agencies to focus on what they do best – creating exceptional digital experiences for their clients.

Top WordPress Hosting Providers for Agencies

Overview of Leading Providers

We’ve reviewed and analyzed multiple WordPress hosting solutions but found the following the best for agencies.

If you’ve done any research yourself, you’ve probably heard of them before. However, we are here to help you pick the right one more easily.

Besides writing descriptions, we also listed key features, wrote down pricing for easier comparison, and also added pros and cons.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Solutions for Agencies

For agencies seeking WordPress hosting solutions, the choice often boils down to managed and unmanaged options.

Managed WordPress hosting is a hassle-free experience, offering automated updates, security features, and specialized WordPress support. This allows agencies to focus on client work rather than server maintenance.

On the other hand, unmanaged WordPress hosting offers more control and customization but requires a technical skill set for server management and maintenance tasks.

While managed hosting is generally costlier, it provides peace of mind and operational efficiency, especially when managing multiple client websites.

In contrast, unmanaged hosting may offer cost advantages and greater flexibility, but the trade-off is the time and expertise required to keep things running smoothly.

The choice between the two ultimately depends on an agency’s specific needs, technical capacity, and strategic focus.

Are you also interested in learning about shared and managed WordPress hosting? We have a full guide ready for you.

Specialized Features for Agency Workflow

An ideal WordPress hosting won’t only host an agency’s websites but will also help boost its workflow to improve client satisfaction.

Specialized features can make a significant difference in efficiency and performance, which agencies strive for.

Here are some key features:

  • Multi-site management: Agencies typically manage multiple websites for various clients. A hosting solution that offers easy multi-site management can save time and effort. Not only that, but the host should also allow support for unlimited websites (but that usually depends on the pricing plans).
  • Staging environments: Having a staging environment allows agencies to test changes without affecting the live site, enabling a smoother workflow and reduced risk of errors.
  • Automated backups: Regular, automated backups are essential to safeguard against data loss and should be easy to restore.
  • High performance & scalability: Agencies require hosting solutions that can quickly adapt to varying levels of traffic and data needs, ensuring optimal performance at all times.
  • Top-notch security: Enhanced security features like SSL certificates, DDoS protection, and firewalls are crucial, especially when dealing with sensitive client data.
  • 24/7 support: Agencies can’t afford downtime, making round-the-clock customer support invaluable for resolving issues quickly.
  • White-labeling: Agencies working with clients may prefer a hosting solution that allows white-labeling, enabling them to offer hosting as part of their service package under their brand. (You may also be interested in our curated list of the best white-label website builders.)
  • Performance monitoring: Real-time analytics and performance monitoring tools can help agencies optimize websites for speed and user experience.
  • Email hosting: Some specialized hosting plans include professional email hosting, a useful add-on for agencies aiming to offer a full package to clients.
  • Another feature to point out is direct client billing. It means the client pays directly instead of you, the agency, for the hosting. But this is optional.

    Deep Dive: Reviewing Best Hosting Providers for Agencies

    1. Flywheel

    flywheel wordpress hosting for agencies

    Flywheel offers a highly specialized, next-level managed WordPress hosting platform tailored for agencies.

    With features designed to streamline workflow, Flywheel’s hosting environment allows you to build, launch, and manage multiple WordPress sites effortlessly.

    Development tools such as Blueprints for packaging common themes and plugins, one-click staging environments, and site cloning make creating and testing sites more straightforward than ever.

    Furthermore, Flywheel strongly focuses on security with features like nightly backups, free malware cleanup, and plugin security alerts, ensuring your client sites are secure and robust.

    Besides its technical offerings, Flywheel elevates your agency’s operational efficiency with organization and collaboration tools.

    They offer an Agency Partners program that provides reselling options and additional perks to help your agency grow. Billing transfer and team collaboration features simplify account management, making coordinating with clients and teammates easier.

    Additional paid and free options, such as performance insights, plugin updates, and integrated Google Analytics, bring further depth to their hosting solution.

    With 24/7 real human support through live chat, in-app tickets, and phone support, Flywheel is a comprehensive hosting solution for agencies looking to excel.


    • Billing transfer (to a client)
    • Local development environment
    • Staging sites
    • Free demos site
    • Dedicated account manager
    • Managed plugin updates
    • Performance insights
    • Bundle frequently used themes and plugins as “blueprints” for future projects
    • Simple site cloning
    • Excellent speed and global availability


    • Freelance ($96/mo): 10 sites, 100,000 visits, 20 GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth
    • Agency ($242/mo): 30 sites, 400,000 visits, 50 GB storage 500 GB bandwidth


    • Streamlined workflow
    • Solid security
    • High performance
    • Free migration and 24/7 phone and chat support
    • Great collaboration features
    • Specialized agency plan (and agency partners)


    • Resource limits
    • Learning curve (because of so many features)
    • No email hosting

    Get Flywheel

    2. Kinsta

    kinsta wordpress hosting for agencies

    Kinsta provides a comprehensive managed WordPress hosting solution tailor-made for agencies.

    The platform promises speed, security, and uptime, running on Google Cloud Platform’s highest CPU machines and premium tier network.

    Agencies can benefit from enterprise-level Cloudflare DDoS protection, automatic daily backups with multiple options, and a malware security pledge that offers free hack fixing.

    In addition, Kinsta offers unlimited free migrations handled by their team of experts, ensuring zero downtime for client sites. Various automated systems are in place to allow agencies to focus less on maintenance and more on building their business.

    A standout feature of Kinsta is its Agency Partner Program, designed to offer tools and perks that specifically benefit, well, agencies.

    With MyKinsta, agencies can access advanced customization and optimization tools, making site management a breeze.

    Every WordPress installation has its own separate staging environment, and the platform provides server-level caching fine-tuned for WordPress. Agencies also enjoy the flexibility to add unlimited team members with unique credentials and access permissions.

    Additional features like white-labeling, free Application Performance Monitoring tools, early access to beta tools, and an open REST API further cement Kinsta as a robust, agency-focused hosting solution.

    Get even deeper in learning all the ins and outs with our Kinsta hosting review.


    • Site monitor every two minutes
    • Enterprise Cloudflare DDoS protection
    • Unlimited free migrations
    • Free SSL with automatic renewals
    • Unlimited team members
    • Site renaming and site labeling
    • Server-level caching
    • Free Application Performance Monitoring tool
    • Local development with Kinsta’s free app
    • Automation and workflows with Kinsta API


    • Agency 1 ($227/mo): 20 sites, 400,000 visits, 50 GB storage
    • Agency 2 ($300/mo): 40 sites, 600,000 visits, 100 GB storage
    • Agency 3 ($450/mo): 60 sites, 1 million visits, 150 GB storage


    • Scalable solutions
    • Fantastic performance
    • Reliable uptime
    • Agency partner program
    • Customization and optimization tools


    • Slightly pricier
    • Data overages come at a fee
    • Some add-on costs

    Get Kinsta

    3. Cloudways

    cloudways wordpress hosting for agencies

    Cloudways stands out as a robust infrastructure that is fast, stable, and reliable, negating the need for an in-house IT team.

    One of its major draws is the unbeatable performance and uptime; agencies have reported a 100% increase in page speed upon migrating to Cloudways.

    Security is another strong suit, with 700+ million DDoS attacks prevented and numerous features like built-in Cloudflare and bot protection to ensure the safety of websites.

    The hosting solution offers simplified WordPress maintenance through automated backups, updates, and a convenient staging environment, alongside advanced features like WP-CLI and Git integration.

    All of this is backed by consistent and responsive support with a 96% customer satisfaction rate.

    In terms of pricing, Cloudways offers a transparent pay-as-you-go model, allowing agencies to scale their resources based on their current needs. It provides the flexibility to choose from different cloud providers, including DigitalOcean, AWS, and Google Cloud.

    Additional features like free migration, team management, dedicated firewalls, and 24/7 real-time monitoring make it an all-inclusive hosting solution.

    Specialized programs for agencies, such as the Agency Partnership Program, bring added advantages like a dedicated partnership manager and co-marketing opportunities.


    • Included Cloudflare add-on with every plan
    • Free migrations and automatic backups
    • Free SSL
    • Free Objective Cache Pro
    • Automatic WordPress updates
    • Server and website cloning
    • Easy management of users and roles through the WP-CLI
    • Team collaboration
    • Built-in WordPress cache
    • Server and app monitoring with 15+ metrics


    • Cloudways uses the pay-as-you-go pricing model, meaning, you pay based on the resources that you use.
    • Cloudways also has three cloud server options to choose from: DigitalOcean ($14/mo for entry-level plan), AWS ($38.56/mo for entry-level plan) and Google Cloud ($37.45/mo for entry-level plan).


    • Great choice of cloud servers for different site sizes
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Advanced technical features
    • Pay-as-you-go pricing model
    • Practical agency workflows


    • No cPanel
    • Automated but can be complex due to (too) many tools

    Get Cloudways

    4. WP Engine

    wpengine wordpress hosting for agencies

    WP Engine specializes in managed WordPress hosting for agencies, offering high-performance sites backed by AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.

    With a focus on scalability and security, the platform promises to handle traffic spikes effortlessly while providing 24/7 technical support.

    Agencies can benefit from the WP Engine Agency Partner Program, which includes priority technical support, lead generation, and special pricing options.

    The platform also offers a range of industry-standard tools for modern WordPress development, making it a comprehensive solution for agencies looking to build better client sites and establish a recurring revenue model.

    For instance, agencies can leverage WP Engine’s Frost, StudiPress, and Genesis plugins and themes to build better and faster client sites.

    In addition to that, WP Engine even provides specialized services for headless WordPress sites through its all-in-one platform featuring Atlas hosting environments, WPGraphQL, and Faust.js.

    Finally, you can read our comprehensive WP Engine review to learn more about this host.


    • Benefit from AWS Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure
    • Scalable architecture handles spikes with ease
    • Plenty of WordPress development tools
    • Frost, StudioPress and Genesis plugins and themes
    • EverCache and CD for speed boost
    • Priority support
    • Proactive threat blocking and security
    • 1-click staging and backup
    • Managed WordPress and PHP updates
    • Activity log & advanced user permissions


    • Growth ($77/mo): 10 sites, 100,000 visits, 20 GB storage, 200 GB bandwidth
    • Scale ($194/mo): 30+ sites, 400,000 visits, 50 GB storage, 500 GB bandwidth

    WP Engine also has a custom plan with various advanced solutions for which you need to get in touch with the team so they can tailor it to your specific needs.


    • Multiple cloud providers
    • Quality tools and integrations
    • Headless WP option
    • Easy traffic spike handling


    • Some migration challenges
    • Overhead features

    Get WP Engine

    5. Pagely

    pagely wordpress hosting for agencies

    Pagely is a premium managed WordPress hosting solution, mainly catering to enterprise, public sector, and media companies.

    Built on the AWS cloud, Pagely offers robust features such as multi-region redundancy, an enhanced SLA, and personalized technical account management. Additionally, it brings over a decade of experience scaling WordPress, ensuring that agencies won’t outgrow their hosting needs.

    Pagely offers a “Friends of Pagely” program to foster close relationships with partners through collaborative efforts, serving mutual clients, especially when hosting needs are mission-critical.

    The hosting service is also remarkably flexible, promising custom solutions for any complex or demanding agency needs.

    Scalability and reliability are front and center, providing agencies the peace of mind that their client sites will be both scalable and available. They offer various program levels for agency partners that include benefits like co-branded collateral, shared Slack channel access, and lucrative referral fees.

    With plan options starting at $499 per month and going up to custom pricing for high availability configurations, Pagely targets agencies looking for high-performance, secure, and scalable WP hosting solutions.

    What more info? Don’t forget to read our Pagely review.


    • Flexible AWS cloud infrastructure
    • A minimum of 50 GB storage and more
    • Managed DevOps and support
    • Geo caching
    • Regular security updates
    • Migration support
    • WordPress and plugin updates
    • Code reviews
    • Access to Pagely’s team via Slack
    • Partnership program


    • Performance ($499/mo): 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Storage
    • Performance+ ($999/mo): 4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 50 GB SSD Storage
    • Scale ($2500/mo): Custom CPU, Custom RAM, Custom SSD Storage
    • Preconfigured Plans ($2500/mo): C5.2xlarge (16GB Ram) or C5.4xlarge (32GB Ram), 2TB+ CDN
    • Custom Clusters ($5000/mo): ElasticSearch, ElasticCache Production, QA, Staging Environments Multi-Region Failover Recovery


    • Highly specialized service
    • Excellent support via Slack
    • Amazing scalability
    • Enhanced SLAs and redundancy
    • Solid security measures


    • Expensive
    • Potential overkill for small projects

    Get Pagely

    6. Liquid Web

    liquidweb wordpress hosting for agencies

    Liquid Web offers managed hosting services with agencies in mind, boasting over 20 years of experience and serving over 10,000 agencies and creatives.

    They offer many hosting technologies, from dedicated servers and VPS to managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting, catering to projects of all sizes.

    The company provides 100% uptime SLA and guarantees 1,000% compensation for downtime. It boasts quick 59-second response times for live chat or phone support, enabling agencies to focus on growth and customer satisfaction rather than server management and issues.

    Additionally, Liquid Web extends its support to content management systems beyond WordPress, like Drupal and Joomla, offering agencies more flexibility in their project scopes.

    The hosting provider considers itself an extension of your team, alleviating the need to hire a separate SysAdmin.

    They offer beneficial partnership programs for agencies, including an Affiliate & Referral Program for one-time commissions and a Web Professional Program that offers competitive discounts to increase agency profit margins.

    Overall, Liquid Web positions itself as a reliable and versatile hosting partner for agencies, large and small.


    • Fast support response times
    • Multiple agency hosting plan options
    • Scalable for traffic spikes
    • iThemes sync for speedier website building
    • Plugin performance monitor
    • Automatic updates
    • Image compression
    • Object caching
    • Global content delivery network
    • Free instant staging and SLSs


    Liquid Web has multiple pricing packaged for small and large projects and businesses, but these three are great fits for agencies:

    • Builder ($73.80/mo): 25 sites, 100 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth
    • Producer ($147.60/mo): 50 sites, 300 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth
    • Executive ($270.90/mo): 100 sites, 500 GB storage, 5 TB bandwidth


    • Broad range of hosting solutions
    • 100% uptime SLA
    • Quick support
    • Proactive server performance monitoring
    • Free monthly autoscaling


    • Add-ons and extras might come at a fee
    • US and EU data centers only

    Get Liquid Web

    Comparing The Best Hosting Providers for Agencies

    Here’s a comparison table summarizing the features and considerations for Flywheel, Kinsta, Cloudways, WP Engine, Pagely, and Liquid Web, specifically in the context of WordPress hosting for agencies.

    Enjoy a quick overview to make the final decision much easier.

    HostPrice (Starting)Agency SpecializationNr. Of WebsitesVisitorsStorageEmailManaged WordPressMulti-Site SupportPerformance AnalyticsFlywheel$96/moYes10100,00020 GBNoYesYesNoKinsta$227/moYes20400,00050 GBNoYesYesYesCloudways$14/moYesUnlimitedUnlimited/NoYesYesNoWP Engine$77/moYes10100,00020 GBNoYesYesYesPagely$499/moYes5//NoYesYesNoLiquid Web$73.80/moYes25/100 GBYesYesYesNo

    Agency-specific Considerations for Hosting

    Multi-User Access and Permissions

    In the collaborative environment of a digital agency, the ability to grant multi-user access with varied permission levels is a non-negotiable feature when selecting a WordPress hosting solution.

    Given that different team members – from developers and designers to content creators and project managers – need access to different parts of the hosting environment, a flexible and secure permissions structure is vital.

    This ensures that while everyone can contribute efficiently to a project, the integrity and security of the hosted websites remain uncompromised.

    Hosting solutions that offer a straightforward way to manage multi-user access and customize permissions cater specifically to the complex workflow requirements of agencies, allowing for streamlined and secure project execution.

    Client Reporting Features

    Client reporting is more than a routine activity for agencies; it’s essential to building trust and demonstrating value to clients.

    WordPress hosting solutions with robust client reporting features are highly beneficial.

    Such hosting platforms offer comprehensive analytics and reporting tools that can be seamlessly integrated into client dashboards, offering real-time insights into website performance, traffic statistics, and security metrics.

    These customizable reports can be white-labeled and sent directly to clients, streamlining the reporting process and enhancing the agency’s professional image.

    A hosting solution with built-in, easy-to-use client reporting features simplifies an otherwise time-consuming task and contributes significantly to client satisfaction and retention.

    White-Labeling Solutions

    White-labeling is a key consideration for agencies looking to provide a full-service experience to their clients.

    WordPress hosting options with white labeling allow agencies to rebrand the hosting interface and customer dashboards, presenting them under their own name and logo.

    This creates a cohesive, professional experience for the client and adds value to the agency’s service offerings.

    White-labeling lets agencies manage many client websites easily. It also strengthens their own brand. What was once just a technical need – hosting – becomes a strategic asset.

    This boosts client loyalty and sets the agency apart in a competitive market.

    Ensuring Top-Notch Security for Client Sites

    Standard Security Measures

    Ensuring top-notch security for client sites is a critical aspect of choosing the suitable WordPress hosting for agencies.

    Standard security measures, such as SSL certificates, firewalls, and DDoS protection, are essential.

    These features safeguard against data breaches and unauthorized access, providing a secure environment for client websites.

    A robust security framework protects valuable client data and builds trust, making it a must-have criterion for any agency-conscious hosting solution.

    Advanced Threat Prevention Tools

    Going beyond standard security measures is crucial for agencies to offer extra protection for client sites.

    Advanced threat prevention tools, such as intrusion detection systems, malware scanning, and real-time monitoring, play a pivotal role.

    These specialized tools can identify and neutralize threats before they compromise the website, offering a higher level of security that agencies can tout as a selling point to their clients.

    Investing in a WordPress hosting solution that includes advanced threat prevention tools is a proactive way to safeguard client assets while bolstering the agency’s reputation for reliability and excellence.

    Regular Backups and Recovery Solutions

    In securing client websites, regular backups and robust recovery solutions are indispensable.

    Agencies should opt for WordPress hosting services offering automated, frequent backups and one-click recovery options.

    This ensures that a recent version of the website can be quickly restored in the event of data loss or a cyber-attack, minimizing downtime and potential revenue loss for the client.

    A reliable backup and recovery strategy is not just a technical requirement; it’s a cornerstone of client trust, making it a critical feature for agencies in their choice of hosting solutions.

    Cost Considerations and ROI for Agencies

    Pricing Models and Package Comparisons

    When agencies evaluate WordPress hosting options, cost considerations are as crucial as technical features.

    Inspecting the pricing models and package comparisons to gauge the return on investment (ROI) is essential.

    While upfront costs may be a factor, agencies should look at the long-term value provided by the hosting service, including scalability, performance, and added features like security and backups.

    Opting for cheaper, less-equipped packages may result in lower initial costs but can incur higher expenses down the line due to performance issues or security lapses.

    Therefore, agencies must weigh the cost against the benefits to choose a hosting package that aligns with their budget and quality requirements, ensuring a favorable ROI.

    Potential Additional Costs

    Agencies must be mindful of potential additional costs that could impact the overall ROI.

    These might include charges for extra bandwidth, storage, or premium support services, as well as fees for add-ons like SSL certificates, advanced security features, or specialized reporting tools.

    Often, these costs aren’t immediately evident in the base pricing but can add up significantly over time.

    By fully understanding the complete pricing structure, including any hidden or additional costs, agencies can make a more informed decision, balancing budget constraints with the necessity for robust, reliable hosting that meets all their and their clients’ needs.

    Value Proposition for Client Acquisition and Retention

    In the agency world, the value proposition of a WordPress hosting solution extends beyond mere features and costs; it directly influences client acquisition and retention.

    A high-performing, secure, and scalable hosting service can be a strong selling point, enhancing the agency’s competitive edge.

    Clients are more likely to stay loyal to an agency that provides a seamless, worry-free digital experience. This will translate to a higher lifetime value per client.

    Therefore, when considering the ROI of different hosting options, agencies should also factor in how the chosen solution will help attract new clients and keep existing ones, effectively making it an integral part of their long-term growth strategy.

    Scaling with Your Agency: Futureproofing Your Hosting Solution

    Anticipating Growth and Traffic Surges

    As agencies expand, their hosting solutions must scale alongside them, a factor critical for futureproofing the business.

    Opt for hosting plans that offer easy scalability, allowing you to quickly upgrade resources like bandwidth, storage, and processing power without experiencing downtime.

    A flexible hosting solution ensures that your client websites perform optimally during peak traffic and provides the agility to adapt as your agency grows.

    Making a strategic choice in hosting with scalability in mind is an investment in your agency’s future success.

    Expanding Services: E-commerce, Multisite, and More

    As agencies diversify their offerings, a hosting solution must be equipped to support an expanded range of services like e-commerce platforms, multisite configurations, and more.

    Whether you plan to integrate online stores, set up membership sites, or manage multiple client websites from a single dashboard, your hosting service should have the features and capabilities to accommodate these requirements.

    Futureproofing your hosting solution means opting for a platform that is adequate for your current needs and versatile enough to support new service offerings as your agency evolves.

    By choosing a hosting solution with this kind of flexibility, you’re positioning your agency for long-term growth and success.

    In an industry where technology is ever-evolving, futureproofing your hosting solution means choosing a platform that keeps pace with the latest tech trends.

    As web standards, security protocols, and performance optimizations continue to evolve, your hosting service should offer regular updates and integrate modern technologies like HTTP/3, edge computing, and AI-based security measures.

    This ensures that your agency remains at the forefront of technological advancements. It will offer clients cutting-edge solutions that enhance both performance and security.

    By aligning with a hosting service committed to technological innovation, you shield your agency’s competitive edge and ensure adaptability in a fast-changing digital landscape.


    Making the Right Decision for Your Agency’s Future

    Choosing the right WordPress hosting provider for your agency is a critical decision that can significantly impact your client satisfaction, operational efficiency, and bottom line.

    Given the diverse range of hosting options – Flywheel’s user-friendly interface, Kinsta’s performance analytics, Cloudways’ flexibility, WP Engine’s robust features, Pagely’s enterprise-level solutions, and Liquid Web’s diverse hosting types – it’s essential to align your choice with both your agency’s and your clients’ specific needs.

    Consider factors like scalability, support, uptime guarantees, and specialized agency programs to ensure that you’re making a strategic investment for your agency’s future.

    Hosting recommendations

    Out of all the fantastic solutions, we recommend Flywheel as the all-in-one, best solution for agencies.

    But if you are on a budget, Cloudways is an excellent starting point with many great features to make your workflow more effortless.

    FAQ: WordPress Hosting for Agencies

    Why should an agency prioritize specialized WordPress hosting?

    An agency should prioritize specialized WordPress hosting for enhanced performance, security, and scalability tailored to their specific workflow and client needs. These hosting solutions often come with features like multi-site management, advanced security protocols, and robust client reporting tools that are crucial for agencies juggling multiple projects. By opting for a hosting service designed with agencies in mind, businesses can streamline operations, boost client satisfaction, and ultimately, improve their bottom line.

    Can I switch hosting providers if my needs change?

    Yes, you can switch hosting providers if your needs change. Most hosting services offer migration tools or support to help you transfer your data, making the transition smoother. However, it’s essential to read the terms of your current hosting contract to check for any potential fees or conditions related to changing providers.

    How does hosting impact my agency’s reputation?

    The quality of your hosting service directly impacts your agency’s reputation by influencing website performance, security, and uptime. A reliable, fast, and secure hosting solution enhances user experience, elevating clients’ satisfaction and trust in your services. Conversely, poor hosting can lead to slow load times and security vulnerabilities, potentially damaging your agency’s credibility and client relationships.

    Are there hosting solutions that offer agency partner programs?

    Yes, some hosting providers offer specialized agency partner programs designed to meet the unique needs of digital agencies. These programs often include benefits like discounted pricing, co-branded marketing materials, and priority technical support. By joining such a program, agencies can offer more comprehensive services to their clients while also streamlining their own workflow and operations.

    How do I ensure uninterrupted service during client migrations?

    To ensure uninterrupted service during client migrations, it’s crucial to first backup all website data and configurations. Use a staging environment to test the migration process and confirm that all elements function as expected. Finally, choose a migration window during off-peak hours to minimize potential disruptions and coordinate closely with your hosting provider’s support team for real-time assistance.

    Are there any specific web hosting providers for agencies?

    Yes, web hosting providers offer specialized plans tailored specifically for digital agencies. These plans often include features like multi-site management, advanced security protocols, and white-labeling options to better suit agencies’ needs. Opting for such a provider can simplify your workflow, enhance client satisfaction, and allow more effortless scalability as your agency grows.

    How much does an agency hosting cost?

    Agency hosting depends entirely on the size of your project, how many websites you want to host and how many resources you need. The cheapest solution is Cloudways for only $14/month, but the best option is – by far – Flywheel, which goes for $96/mo.

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