Cloudflare Integration Deprecation – What it Means for GreenGeeks


Cloudflare has deprecated the necessary Cloudflare partner APIs required to manage domains through cPanel. The removal of the cPanel plugin doesn’t mean you cannot use the service, though.

It just means you’ll no longer be able to manage your Cloudflare integrations within the GreenGeeks cPanel dashboard, or any other cPanel host, for that matter.

This doesn’t mean your websites will stop working on the popular CDN. It merely means you’ll no longer be able to add, manage, or configure the domains on Cloudflare directly from your cPanel.

To help ease the transition process, we’ve outlined what you need to know and how this may impact your GreenGeeks website.

Customers with Existing Cloudflare Configurations

There will be no impact on existing Cloudflare configurations. The records that are currently configured to point to Cloudflare will continue to resolve as normal.

This means you won’t need to make any adjustments to the configurations you already have in place.

To make modifications to a domain previously configured with Cloudflare through GreenGeeks, you’ll need to access the Cloudflare Dashboard.

Customers Without Previous Cloudflare Configuration

As the feature has been deprecated, you’ll no longer be able to configure new domains for Cloudflare through your GreenGeeks cPanel.

This means you’ll need to log directly into the Cloudflare Dashboard to configure and manage your domains.

For additional information on how this change may impact your sites, please refer to our Support article outlining the Cloudflare deprecation.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

In a Nutshell…

Even though the API integration for Cloudflare has been deprecated from the cPanel, you’ll still be able to manage your domains through Cloudflare’s dashboard. Any domains that were added prior to this change will still be active on Cloudflare.

The bottom line is that the function has simply been removed from cPanel.

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