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Are you a fan of high-speed thrills and adrenaline-pumping action? If so, Need for Speed on Showtime is a must-watch. But if you are outside USA our article will help you to know how to watch Need for Speed outside USA on Showtime.

This movie was released on 14 March 2014 on Showtime and follows Aaron Paul taking on the role of a street racer unfairly blamed by a wealthy business partner. After serving time, he seizes the opportunity to drive the swiftest car available and enters a covert, high-stakes race driven by vengeance.

However, there’s a catch – Showtime is geo-restricted outside USA, making it unavailable to  Need for Speed viewers. Fortunately, by using a VPN like ExpressVPN, you can tackle all these restrictions and watch Showtime outside USA.

Following our guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to set up ExpressVPN to watch Need for Speed.

Watch Need for Speed Outside USA on Showtime – [Easy Steps]

Here are some easy steps to watch Need for Speed outside USA on Showtime:

  • Register for a VPN service like ExpressVPN.
  • Download and install the VPN on your device.
  • Connect to the USA-based server.
  • Open the Showtime app or website.
  • Log in and watch Need for Speed outside USA on Showtime.
Watch Need for Speed Outside USA on Showtime With ExpressVPN30-day money-back guarantee

Where to Watch Need for Speed Outside USA on Showtime?

You can watch Need for Speed outside USA on Showtime. With Showtime’s subscription plan, you can access a wide range of content, and the best part is that you can cancel the subscription plan at any time if you wish.

But before committing to a full subscription plan, you can try out Showtime’s free trial, which lasts 30 days, to enjoy the best shows and best movies on Showtime for free! Just remember you will need a VPN, like ExpressVPN, to access the movie outside USA.

Why Do we Need a VPN to Watch  Need for Speed Outside USA on Showtime?

Showtime has geographical restrictions on its content, meaning shows like “Need for Speed” are limited to viewers within the USA. Therefore to access this movie outside USA, you need a VPN.

A VPN allows us to bypass regional restrictions by masking our real location and providing us with a USA IP address. This way, we can enjoy Need for Speed outside USA without any barriers.

But does ExpressVPN work with Showtime? The answer is yes! With ExpressVPN, you can unlock the gates to Showtime’s extensive library, no matter where you are from.

What is Need for Speed Release Date?

The Need for Speed movie’s release date is March 14, 2014. The supercar movie earned $203.3 million worldwide, won the Taurus Award for Best Work with a Vehicle at the World Stunt Awards, and had an extraordinary amount of positive fan reviews!

What is the Plot of  Need for Speed?

“Need for Speed” follows Tobey Marshall, a skilled car builder and street racer wrongly accused of murder. After serving a prison sentence, he reclaims his fastest creation and aims to win an underground race called The DeLeon.

The race signifies more than victory; it’s about redemption, recognition, and resolving his troubles. Yet, his ultimate driving force is revenge against his former partner.

This narrative blends love, redemption, and vengeance themes interwoven with the world of racing, drifts, and sprints.

Who is in the Cast of Need for Speed?

Here’s the cast of Need for Speed:


Aaron Paul
Tobey Marshall

Dominic Cooper
Dino Brewster

Imogen Poots
Julia Maddon

Kid Cudi

Rami Malek

Ramón Rodríguez
Joe Peck (as Ramon Rodriguez)

Harrison Gilbertson
Little Pete

Dakota Johnson

Stevie Ray Dallimore
Bill Ingram

Michael Keaton

Alan Pflueger
Flyin’ Hawaiian

Brian L. Keaulana
Right Seater (as Brian Keaulana)

Logan Holladay
‘DJ’ Joseph

Carmela Zumbado
Jeny ‘B’

Jalil Jay Lynch
Jimmy MacIntosh

Nick Chinlund
Officer Lejeune

Chad Randall
Big Al

Buddy Joe Hooker
Detroit Cop #1

Is There a Trailer of  Need for Speed?

Yes, there is a Need for Speed trailer. The trailer shows high-speed car chases, crashes, and stunts. You can view it below.

What is Need for Speed Genre?

The Need for Speed Showtime movie 2014 is an action crime film. It includes scenes of dangerous street racing, frightening collision scenes, and thrilling action. The film attempts to recreate the thrills and spills of the iconic racing video game franchise.

What are the IMDb Ratings of Need for Speed Movie?

As of August 2023, the 2014 Need for Speed film has a 6.4/10 IMDb rating considering 175K user ratings. While it lacks depth in plot and humor, the high-octane sequences and practical stunts set it apart as a more engaging movie.

How Long is Need for Speed?

Need for Speed movie is 2 hours and 12 minutes long. It is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of racing, violence, suggestive content, and language. Drift to the world of supercar racing and Neon boosters with Need for Speed on Showtime.

Yes, the Need for Speed (2014) film is related to the video game series created by Electronic Arts. The film has received mixed reviews but is widely regarded as a successful attempt to bring a popular video game to the big screen.

Will There Ever Be a Need for Speed 2 Movie?

No, currently, there are no plans for a Need for Speed movie 2. Despite an official announcement in 2015 about a potential collaboration between EA and the China Movie Channel Program Center to internationalize the film series, no production or filming has been confirmed.

How Many Need for Speed Movies Are There?

As of today, August 15, 2023, only one Need for Speed movie has been released. It was released in 2014 with an impressive star-studded cast featuring Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, and Michael Keaton.

What Happens at the End of Need for Speed?

At the end of Need for Speed, Tobey rescues Dino from a crash and confronts him for Pete’s death. The police capture both. Dino is later convicted for Pete’s murder, and Tobey is released from prison. 178 days later, Tobey is greeted by Julia at the prison gates in a 2015 Ford Mustang.

Why ExpressVPN is the Best VPN to Watch  Need for Speed Outside USA on Showtime?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN to watch Need for Speed outside USA on Showtime due to its 256-bit encryption and 30-day money-back guarantee.

Furthermore, ExpressVPN offers high-speed connections, crucial for streaming the best movies on showtime in high-definition without buffering or interruptions.

ExpressVPN: The Best VPN to Watch  Need for Speed Outside USA on Showtime

ExpressVPN is the best VPN for Showtime for watching “Need for Speed” outside USA due to its extensive server network spanning 3000 in 94, including major locations like New York and Chicago.

ExpressVPN’s standout feature is its MediaStreamer DNS solution, simplifying VPN connections on non-supportive devices such as smart TVs, routers, and gaming consoles.

With download speeds reaching 89.42 Mbps and upload speeds hitting 84.64 Mbps during speed tests on a 100 Mbps connection via the New York server, ExpressVPN guarantees exceptional performance.


ExpressVPN employs robust 256-bit encryption, and advanced features like the Lightway security protocol, automated kill switch, and split tunneling, providing enhanced protection while watching the best movies on Showtime

The VPN’s versatility extends to simultaneous streaming on up to five devices, facilitating iOS, macOS, Android, Linux, and Windows platforms. Moreover, ExpressVPN effortlessly overcomes geo-restrictions on popular streaming platforms like Hulu, Lifetime, Netflix, CBS, CBC, etc

ExpressVPN offers an annual plan discounted at $6.67/mo (Get 49% Off + 3 Months FREE on its 12-Month Plan). Mobile users can explore the service risk-free with a 7-day free trial.

Watch Need for Speed Outside USA on Showtime With ExpressVPN30-day money-back guarantee

What are the Top Picks on Showtime?

Here are some of the best and most popular content to view on Showtime:


Yes, Need for Speed is rated R and PG13.

Yes, Need for Speed is produced by Disney Studios under the Touchstone Picture banner.

No, the cars destroyed in Need for Speed 2014 weren’t real.


Need for Speed 2014 is an exhilarating movie that will deliver high-speed thrills and intense action. If you’re a fan of crime action narratives, you must watch Need for Speed outside USA on Showtime.

However, the challenge arises if you’re located outside USA since the channel is geo-restricted. But with the help of ExpressVPN, you can watch Need for Speed outside USA on Showtime.

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